Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 2 in KC

We are still in KC and staying one more day!
Here is a picture of the 32 teams at the Parade of Champions.
Lindsay and I like to call it the Parade of Men... heheh.
And yes, somehow I got teary eyed at seeing all the boys stand at attention for the National Anthem.
Well some of the teams went home but our boys fought hard and got us one more day.

Cheerleaders were happy.
Fans were pumped.
The team was moved to embracing each other.
(I love this picture!)

And the four #1 fans,
who were nervous as all get out for 2 hours,
were thrilled for the boys.

P.S. My jaw hurts from chomping so hard on my watermelon gum. Lets hope I can get my nerves in check.... you know cause it is really hard to sit in the stands. :)


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