Sunday, May 30, 2010

I own $90 sandals.

But I only paid $10 for them!
And I haven't worn them since I bought them in Oct '09, because shoes like that need a debut.... and Friday night they got it.

I went and saw a certain movie and these sandals had the perfect glitz that Carrie Bradshaw would have loved.
Bay had fab shoes too... Nine west and were really sparkly. 

I expected to see
-lots of new shoes
-lots of women in packs of 3 or more
-large consumptions of diet coke
-lots of women dressed up for no reason
-women giddy with anticipation of  a 2 1/2 hour movie that would in no way challenge their minds or make them think. 

But what I didn't expect to see was this....

9 men sitting in a theater full of women.
If anyone has an answer for this, please let me know.


Friday, May 28, 2010

"We were berry picking"

Can you name that movie?

So this morning I got up early.... and there are very few things I get up extremely early for! There was this one time, when I did a 12 week book camp at 6am.... It was horrible (not you Elizabeth, you were wonderful) but I am not wonderful at that ungodly hour.
I decided through much debate that fresh strawberries are worth getting up early. 
LJP's parents went on vacation and left a whole strawberry patch that just needed to be picked/eaten. 

Beside the twig that I thought was a snake, which made me use vocal cords that weren't yet ready for the day, it was a good morning! Thanks Lois!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I dare you not to cry!

If you can look at these pictures and not cry, you are a stronger woman than me!

Coming Home


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No, No Rick Mitchell.

It is officially summer because I heard "The Bluest Eyes in Texas" by Restless Heart and because the Bachelorette will take up the next 8 weeks of my life. 

Rick Mitchell did ruin the first 5 minutes of the Bachelorette but no worries, it was just a recap of Alli and how psychotic she got over Jake.... I did not need to see that again. 

Last night my girlfriends and i took our Bachy watching to a new level.... 
We had cheat sheets.
We were ruthless.... It wasn't pretty.... but neither were some of those guys

We all had our own methods of rating the men.... Chelsea boxed her favs 

And then she did this... Those are roses by the men who recieved them. :)

I used a skill I mastered in first grade... 
Sorry Derrick you didn't make it and your mom is probably embarrassed by you.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If you need a laugh

Go watch a T-ball game...

This is Kelly, who is apparently past the age of me taking his picture.
So I take them when he is not looking.
Glove on and batting helmet on... the game could go either way.
Here is Madi Mae
I was outfitted with a Perkins hat and we are taking a picture when Madi was supposed to be on the bench
Madi in position....
Kelly playing pitcher and who looks really tall.... and too cool for me.
The biggest fans!
Dad & Daughter up to bat... Precious!
This is what happens when you say "Go get your snacks"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Go two post down

Remember all that wire.... Well look what LJP did with it
All glass was purchased from either the dollar section of Target or it was half off from Hobby Lobby.

She had an entire pavilion covered in these....
It was the best Phase 4 has looked in a long time. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Giving a shout out to the woman who didn't kill me in my teenage years

Favorite Quote by my mother:
"You don't scare me, I have three daughters"
She also has a son but he has never given her problems.

She taught me to make a pie crust
She made my prom dress with 5 layers of yellow tulle
She worked the band concession stand for 12 years
She is always supportive of me, when I buy a pair of high heels that I don't need
And she can grill as good as any man!

Love you Mama!