Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What would your reaction be to a frog?

My mother and my sister have taken a little road trip to North Carolina, where my sister will be moving in 3 weeks.... Prepare yourself for a pathetic post from me, when I have to say goodbye to my sister who is moving away from Oklahoma for 5 years.... But before we go there, we must get to the frogs.

My oldest sister is watching Tara's kids and I went down today to give her a hand.... and by hand, I mean watching her make all the kids lunch and then making her run to sonic to get us drinks... Sorry KC! But for reals to the FROGS. My niece and nephews love frogs and they love to to frog hunt. All that is needed for a frog hunt is a big 5 gallon bucket, a little dirt, and quick hands. Enjoy!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There are just some things you should not buy at the Dollar Tree

You know I love a good deal and because of this desire to save money (and by save I mean spend more because I think I am saving because I got it cheap, so I buy five) you can find me in Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby's 99.9% off aisle and of course garage sales but even I have my limits. 

Acceptable things to buy at the Dollar Tree:
(This is all the stuff required to entertain 28 little girls at camp)

Pads of paper
Sticky Notes
Compass rings
Stamp Rings
Fun white containers
Cute Hawaiian hair clips bought only because they were cute and $1

#1 NOT acceptable thing to buy at the Dollar Tree:
They give these things away free at the health clinic.... and NO Matt, I don't know from personal experience! 


Monday, June 21, 2010

Sorry Dad.... Its late!

I think this picture sums up my love & adoration for my Dad.

Thank you Dad for 
-for always having clippers in your pocket
-taking me fishing at 5:00 am, even when you didn't want to go
-driving 10 hours in one day to pick me up from college
-5 Days games
-teaching me to love and give unselfishly


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love is....

10 rolls of paper towels
200 paper plates
More lunch meat than we know what to do with
A man putting on a full suit at 11:00pm from the funeral home
The best chocolate sheet cake
Starbucks coffee
Unexpected flowers from friends
Pink Roses
Potluck meals made by loving hands
Pink Nail polish
Memories of a woman I hold in the highest regards and whom I will always, always hold in my heart.

We were blessed to celebrate my Grandmother's 90th  birthday this past October and we were even more blessed to celebrate her going home this past Tuesday. And I will tell you what, I bet she has every bible scholar gathered around and she has not stopped asking questions and probably has enlightened them on a thing or two about their manuscripts. :)

Grandma, your seat will be empty. I Samuel 20:18


Saturday, June 5, 2010

KC & Weddings

I am back in Kansas City but this time no cheerleaders..... But i did listen to the 6 CD's that they burned for our Nationals trip.

When you work with college students, its a guarantee that one or more of your students will fall in love with another fellow student..... Its gonna happen. And what that means is weekends filled with watching these precious students take vowels promising to love each other.  I could probably go to a wedding every weekend, if my schedule would allow me. I am not going to lie, sometimes I don't want to share my Saturdays, sometimes I can't, but I do try to go to as many as I can. I am on my 2nd week of a 4 weekend wedding stretch. When I had a Xanga.... you know you had one too.... I posted my 3 favorite things about the weddings I would attend and for your reading pleasure I am going to do that again.
BUT I am at a hotel and can't upload the pictures I planned to but Katy & Brody you will be first!

I am in KC for wedding #2..... It is a wedding that warms my heart but I will explain later!

And until then I will leave you with this... 
The shoes I am wearing to Jason & Jordan's Wedding.
Jessica Simpson $20, on sale at Dillards.