Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Simple Joy

We all have our own happy. Those random things, people or places that brings joy to our hearts. I had a student this past year define those things as "simple joys." He used it to describe a man mowing his yard. He looked out the car window and said, "That is just a simple joy my friend." I don't know if I would ever describe mowing the yard as anything close to a joy.... but to each his own. I will not judge your happy place because I am sure not everyone thinks a hour at hobby lobby is a great time. 

So in this month of thankfulness, I find myself listing off my simple joys
The things that keep me sane and bring smirks to my face for no reason. 
The things that are overlooked. 
The things that once seemed fun but that now are nothing more than "have to's." 
The things people tell you not to complain about because someday you will miss them. 
They are tiny moments that if not acknowledged will easily slip threw your fingers. 

I want to have a life full of simple joys

I fear not seeing the simple joys that my God has given me. I am afraid that when I take those little things for granted, that I will be hard pressed to appreciate and be gracious for His enormous gifts of sacrifice and grace. 

So as today ends I will list all the joys that I found in my busy life. And my hope for tomorrow is that I will remember to appreciate small moments and take steps to become a genuinely gracious person.

Amy R.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinterest makes me think I can do anything.

Before I get to my post (and let me also say that I know I haven't posted for over 365 days), I would like to call out the someone in cyber space who makes the call on what words are spelled right and what words aren't..... Pinterest is a real word. 

Now that I have that out in the open..... Let me introduce you to my new project. 

I don't mind having a really large cool TV..... I don't mind as long as its on something pretty. 

I will show you the after pictures soon. 

Amy R.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Amy's blog has been ambushed

This post is brought to you by Matt Johns.

I hate blogs.  I don't want to read what any of you had for breakfast or what you just bought off Etsy.  Trust me, no one does either.

Just kidding....but actually not at all.  LOVE YOU AMY!

Friday, May 27, 2011

For your weekend enjoyment...

While I am packing, unpacking, and trying to figure out why I need this many shoes..... 
You can spend your day watching me try to stump my nephew on his animal knowledge


Thursday, May 26, 2011

When you miss your niece and nephews....

Buy furniture.
This is from Junk Yard Painting
She is out of McCloud and has some great pieces.


Friday, May 20, 2011

I thought I would blog.

But I am just really busy!

Aunt Mimi

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

List of Dreams.

Oh the dreams have started. For the longest time I wouldn't let myself think about what I wanted to do with my house but that has now changed my friends. I have searched every blog that has the word "cottage" or "shabby chic" in its title.

Here is my current list of dreams. 
 I have always loved chalkboards..... But that gold frame around it! Be still my heart. 
 Love the gathered skirt.
 There is not a place I could put this door but I still want it. And it yellow.
 If anyone finds this table, can make this table, knows a friend of your aunt's cousin that can make it, let me know. I will sell my shoes for this table. 
 The lights over the kitchen bar...... Yes, I will take two. 
This room is everything. Everything I want my house to be. 
Happy. Warm. Friendly. Inviting. Colorful. Peaceful.

As you read this I am currently either in the air or landing in Wilmington, NC. 
Yes, the home of Dawson's Creek. 
As I land I will be singing the theme song.... in my head and dreaming of Pacey. sigh.