Monday, February 28, 2011

The show was a disappointment.....

But the fashion was not. Fashion of the Oscars, thank you for being the only thing that kept my interest in a 3 1/2 hour show and for making the awkward cheerleader moments from Anne Hathaway less painful.

My thoughts..... (and please share yours)

Natalie- The thing that killed this dress for me was the hem line in the front and those awful shoes. If you can wear those 4 inch heels when you are prego, make it worth it. Those shoes weren't.
I really hate to say this Reese, I didn't love this look. Yes, you are beautiful but I felt like you were "Academy Awards" Barbie and I needed you to be "Post break up with your husband and you wear a killer yellow dress" Barbie.
I still love you and yes I want my hair to be blond now! 
Now my top 6.
6. I have never seen light purple look so good since Julia Roberts in My Best Friends Wedding.
5. I want this dress in adult size
4. In the words of Bailey Huntsman "Sparkles and Feathers.... Yes!"
3. If I can't have the dress, I would settle for the body. :)
2. I know this dress was up for debate last night but i loved it. The more I watched the show the more I fell head over heals for it. Classic and beautiful... minus that bad picture of her back. Yikes! 
1. My favorite part is the 2 inches of hem that is a different color. Its all in the details.

My last comment is to Colin Firth, who will forever me my Mr. Darcy. I love you and if you are in a movie I will see it. Congrats! 


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear Brad Womack,

I would like to thank you for the best Valentines gift EVER. It trumped the homemade card left on my desk, the chocolates given to me in a cute little box, and the phone call from my Dad (and it is hard to top that). You redeemed the entire Bachelor project by sending "satan" home before the hometown dates. Thank you for finally catching onto her games. When you didn't call her name I scream and did a fist pump. I am not super proud of this action but it just came with being in the moment.

Love a big time Bachelor fan & even bigger fan of Chris Harrison,

P.S. Bailey thanks for hosting Gal-entines. It was super fun!

Also..... Look what I did with a paint swatch

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Holiday!

Its official. LJP & I are brilliant!
Let me explain. :)
Fashion Week in NYC. This wonderful week is taking place as you read.... Congrats are in order for all of us because we will reap the cheap knock off benefits as a result of this beautiful event. The question is, why aren't the fashion shows being streamed live on television? They show everything else.... Why can't I have fashion week? Think of the great times that could be had. Vacation time off work, wearing heals and pearls while lounging on my couch, drinking vitamin water (because they drank that on fashion week in SATC) and just some good quality girl time.
**Side note, I did find out that there is some type of live stream on the internet. This could be an urban myth. I got this information from a closet reader. Thanks for the info.**
So this is where Lindsay and I become brilliant.... legends if you will.
We were talking at dinner about what a great week this is and how it should be a holiday.... oh my word, IT SHOULD BE A HOLIDAY. Before I say this next statement, I need to say that I am not one of those bitter single girls, that hate the day covered in hearts. I actually like the holiday. I think its a cute holiday, with pink and sparkles and hearts. But with that being said LJP and I are going to for go Valentines and celebrate Fashion Week.
How would one go about celebrating this you ask? You first must get dressed up.... great shoes, great hair, and great accessories. You get a group of BF's together, a stack of fashion magazines, and a great restaurant. This is going to be BIG.... and hallmark will be forced to make cards.

Now what you are really waiting for..... My favorites.
 Calvin Klein
 Marc Jacobs
 Michael Kors
 Jason Wu
Oscar de la Renta


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just a few things I do in the snow...

I make valentines because I like to buy the love of my nieces and nephews.
Heart gloves..... because who doesn't need gloves to go with the coordinating holidays.
I planted something.... yes, it will die... yes, it only cost a dollar.... and yes, I have it in my window anyway.
I added a little something to these ballerina shoes for my favorite 2 year old cause every birthday princess needs satin slippers. I was able see her open these (facetime is fantastic!) and in the same breath as when she pulled them out, she put them on.
This is another example that a girl's love for shoes may simply be genetic! 


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Bachelor has gone to a whole new level.

It started as a simple eliminator board. You move the Bachelorettes down that make it through the rose ceremony. Simple. Then my friend Ginny showed up (So glad she did, I felt like we were all in Phase 4 apartments again, playing pranks on guys we put on a "Black List") and the simple board turned into a Burn Book.

Take a look...

Once the bachelorette is eliminated, you are free to write your thoughts about that girl on the board. It is quite hilarious. Some comments are nice, some are true, and some just make you laugh. You can only imagine the comments that will go next to Michelle.... if she ever gets kicked off.

Good luck to the ladies.... and keep doing really ridiculous stuff on national television.