Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh the card industry.

Have you ever found yourself in Hallmark....
Reading through a few cards....
Trying to find the perfect one....
You pick up that one card that you think is going to fulfill all your hopes and dreams...

And then you start crying.

Yes, crying. In the store. Because of a card.

Here is the type of card i was looking for. My dear dear friend, Frank, (who is husband of My Rita), is going through Chemo and recently had to shave his head. I was looking for a card with a picture of Sean Connery and then the message reading "Here is to good looking bald men" Ok, thats not funny but I am not in the card business! Is it a crime to have a funny, humorous, make you feel a little better card..... No I get cards that make me cry in Hobby Lobby. Thats right... I wasn't even in Hallmark.... I was in Hobby Lobby. My sacred ground. Crying. Once I pulled it together and apologized to the woman who's child pointed at me, I did find one that made me smile. And hopefully it will make Frank smile too.

I love Frank. And he looks better than Sean Connery.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ummm.... Happy New Year.

Yeah, I guess I missed that post.

I will not bore you with an apology for not updating. I didn't. I failed. I have not been crafty. I need some Martha in my life and she just is not here.

So the issue at hand is when are you too old to wear sparkle boots.... particularly these boots. 

I wore these today to work.  I take advantage of days when it snows or is icy as an excuse to expand my wardrobe. What other justification do you have for buying $10 boots from Old Navy's kid section???? Can't think of any, can you. The only reason is to add a little sass to cold boring days.
Back to the issue.
I think I can still wear these..... because I am still in my 20's.... heheh, barely... but still very much there. Am I going to have to start maturing my style??? Beth Moore say "Everyone woman gets the same allotted time to be young" (I am reading her first time..... many references may come in the next 7 weeks) Does that mean a big no to dressing a bit weird, mismatching, and wearing more than one pattern? I don't want to become that teacher I made fun of in high school..... And you totally know which teacher that is! But then I go back to my theory that in regards to fashion, "Anything can look good, you just have to wear it with confidence" This theory does exclude any type of swimsuit and any type of mini skirt on women over 50. Well lawsy, I am just talking in a big round circle and took you with me. Sorry.

I like these boots. I think I will wear the boots. And I may even do it when I am 30.


**This is what I think about while my sisters are busy making sure their kids aren't coughing, aren't running a temperature, and aren't dying from anything else that the crazy sicknesses of January 2011 has to offer. Use this post as a 2 second escape.