Monday, November 30, 2009

My jewelry doesn't like me.

And its totally a legit feeling. I mean I am not nice to my jewelry.

I take off earrings anywhere and shove them in my purse, pockets, desk.... The worst is when I will take them off in the middle of the night, in my sleep, and have no idea where I have put them.

I have necklaces lost in my car because they bug me when I drive.

Rings that I take off to do crafts and find in my sewing drawers months later.

This is why I don't buy nice things.

But I decided that maybe if I had a cute place to put my jewelry then maybe our relationship would be different.... you know the kind the people have in the movies.

I just want to freak'n have Audrey Hepburn's relationship with Tiffany's.

So off to Hobby Lobby.

Behold. A craft project.

I got this plastic stuff that I am pretty sure only me and 70 years olds buy.
And for 49 cents, I got two.

I bought two of these picture frames and they were half off....
***Never ever buy picture frames for full price at Hobby Lobby***

I cut the plastic stuff to the size of the frame.

Cut those backs off the frame...
but keep them because you might want to use them down the road

Use the gun.

And TADA!!!!

Then I cut little ones to hang off the frame for earrings with backs

Let the healthy, respectful relationship begin.

Holy Hannah, I have already lost a pearl earring.

I really think this one might last.... wink.

Amy K.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A fairy tale... only no prince, just a lamp.

So I am walking through Hobby Lobby.... I really should get commission for every time I mention that blessed store. This was a day when I had a list and in my mind I had already mapped out my where I needed to go and the order of the different areas.

1. Stockings (cause they were 50% off)
2. Rhinestones (cause a super cute 4th grader needed them for her even cuter christmas program)
3. Ribbon (don't remember why but I needed it)
4. Check out the 80% off isle (because why would you go to Hobby Lobby and not check it out)

I grab the houndstooth stockings and take a short cut through lamps to get to jewelry.
And there on the lamp aisle I stop dead in my tracks.
It seriously made me take a sharp inhale. You would have thought I had seen the Pope right here in Hobby Lobby.
But no holy man here, just a beautiful lamp.
It was black and white and the base was was porcelain. So I look at the price tag which also made me gasp, $90. I take one last look and then off I go. Grab my last two remaining things and then haul off to my three feet of bargain paradise.

And there waiting for me like it knew it would fit perfectly in my living room was the lamp.

I thought it was a mistake...... but no there it was, dressed in a beautiful yellow price tag.
And the price tag read....

My heart was beating.

Now you are thinking what was wrong with it.... Well friends, it was nothing my little gun (glue gun) couldn't handle.
Ok so I haven't fixed it.... yet.

So I took this lamp home....

Where it lived.....
Happily Ever After!

(Anyone want to let me know why everything is underlined)


Thursday, November 26, 2009

I didn't know!

First year at this blog thing.... didn't know that you are supposed to blog about what you are thankful for! This one is going to be hard... so many things... so many blessings.... so many great shoes. :)

Ok I am going to go a different route. STORY TIME!

I was a Sophomore at Oklahoma Christian and it was the Monday before Thanksgiving and it was my last class before break. I seriously thought of skipping but it was bible class and it was with Mr. Gregg. I just couldn't do it. So I got to class counting the minutes until I could head home. (You know the big hour drive I had)

As I sit down, precious Mr. Gregg started talking about Thanksgiving and how much we have to be thankful for and continued on about this for awhile. Then he said I would like to read you a passage. The then started reading Isaiah 53. My attention was captured by the conviction in his voice and the tears that appeared in his eyes. As he finished he told us this, "I don't know a person who, if they truly understand this chapter, can read this without tears coming to there eyes. I encourage you this Thanksgiving Day, to read this scripture and to understand your blessings"

Since the fall of 2001 I have read this passage every Thanksgiving. Thank you sweet Mr. Gregg for such a memorable bible class and for always rocking those awesome bow ties! You are one of my favorite teachers.

Amy K.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

If you can't tame it, decorate it!

So I took a deep breath the other day and decided to leave the house with out a bobby pin in my hair. I was confident that with my backcombing skills and the amount of hair spray that I use on a daily basis, I could make sure my 1 x 1 inch tragedy was properly covered up. It took me about five steps to realize that its just not in the plan for me folks. I cannot face the world without something taming my my cowlick, buzz cut combo.

So I gave in and got bobby pins.... lots of bobby pins, oh and flowers.

(Note to self: Don't shop online when depressed about your hair... you might spend $28)

Including these super cute hair clips my sister made me. Don't know what to give someone who is bald in front, just call my sister.

The green one in my favorite

I will have a hair update next week.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

it started with....

Well it started a couple years ago when I read a book about vampires. I don't know if it was the beaches of Mexico that influenced my immediate obsession with these books or if its just a fact that if you have estrogen running through your body you will be obsessed with the great triangle of Bella, Edward, and Jacob. I don't know but I am.... and I know I have a problem.

Here is the fantastic group of women who I went with to New Moon. The super cute girl in green was the real inspiration for us going. She is a die hard fan and since a midnight showing was probably not a good idea for this 13 year old, we decided we all needed to take her as soon as she got out of school.... Oh who are we kidding, we all would have found a reason to go but I am glad she was my reason! Thank you sweet girl.

So with that being explain, here is my checklist for my perfect New Moon experience.

Gather friends
Joni, Sonya, & Katie- CHECK

For Katie and Sonya, they needed popcorn on there list
Large bag of popcorn- CHECK

I needed a full bag of gummy bears, which I did eat entirely by myself.
Align Center
Full bag of my favorite gummy bears- CHECK

Saved seat for best friend, who might run a little later than the rest of us :) Or who knows that there is no reason to get there early because the rest of us fools will get there an hour before it starts just in case the 3:50pm showing is packed...
Seat saved for LJP- CHECK

Take a picture of the group in our seats so that we can document how lame we are.... I mean how super cool we are!


Friday, November 20, 2009

What do you find when you walk in your office?

I love students! Especially this one.... You can watch Twilight anytime at my apartment.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Commercials

Do they warm your heart like they do mine?

Oh man, I just want to put on cute matching PJ's (I am picturing polka dots in red and green), drink some egg nog, and be 5 years old again! Heavens, 5 was a great year.

So my Mom called me yesterday.... Wait, I have to explain. My Mom is not the mom who calls her children constantly. She showers us with love from head to toe..... but she is a busy woman (where do you think I learned it from?) and she has four kids. She can't call us all the time and anyway we probably call her too much to give her a chance to call us first. I actually understand where she is coming from on the phone thing. I have some issue myself.... just ask my friends who can never get ahold of me. I just say this to explain that when my Mom calls, you answer....

So my Mom called me yesterday and she started with "Ok so I just had to tell you..."
I knew this was going to be good..... like she found a great deal or she had a craft idea.... Things I totally get.
Then she said "I just watched my first Christmas commercial that made me cry"
And this is why I am her daughter because through out the holiday season I will shed countless tears watching things like a mother brewing Folders coffee and by the time she starts drinking her cup of coffee, her long lost son will have come home and I am a wreck. (My sisters are laughing cause they understand, and my brother is laughing cause he witnesses the hysteria)

The last thing I will say on the subject is HALLMARK..... oh they make the best commercials.
Here is the one that I have watched a thousand times and it never fails to make me cry. If you love your dad.... grab the tissues.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Hobby Lobby

To say I have an obsession with Hobby Lobby is an understatement.

There are weeks when I go there everyday of the week.... minus Sunday cause its closed.

The manger and I are on a first name basis, except that I call him Mr. Newberry..... but I could call him Gene if I wanted.

The whole purpose of this post to tell you about the this...

50% off of Gift wrapping

I wait all year for this week!!!!! It is always one of the last Christmas aisle they put up. Oh and when they do I seriously spend 30 minutes picking out the perfect combination of wrapping papers, that will perfectly present the gifts I have wrapped beneath. But I can't buy it yet. I am like a child waiting for christmas but instead an adult waiting for over indulgent wrapping paper.

Here is what I picked out for Christmas 2009:

Next assignment is finding the right ribbon!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Bargains of the Week

This bag.
(I have no idea why this is underlined and I can't make it go away)
Bought two. One for me and one for LJP

This Shirt
Price: $14.99
Sale: $4
Which after wearing it, I realized that they pockets were a little high. So I ask my mom, "Mom do you think these pockets are high" "Well, yes I do"
Ohhhh, wait this is a skirt, not a shirt. Who cares??? It rocked as a shirt.

This Tray
Ross $5

This lamp.
Hobby Lobby
Price: $30
Sale: $6
So its a little brown and has some funky trim but all I need is a glue gun and my craft closet and all is fixed.

This Purse.
Which isn't my purchase but I saw my best friend carrying it and knew that it needed to be showcased. LJP great find!
I don't know the stats on this one but it was on sale at TJ Maxx.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ladies of OC....

We are upon what we call "Date Week" here at Oklahoma Christian. Alumni will know it is WPA (women pay all) week. Instead of this week being a complete sadie hawkins week, Student Government has made it just a week encouraging dating.

Well this lucky lady, even though I am 27 and out of school for 5 years and I am 27, got asked to attended a movie for "Group dating night".

The guy who asked was a super sweet sophomore, who did a chapel announcement about dating which is now one of my favorite chapels to date.

I feel that because he was so kind to ask me, that I can only repay him by spreading the word on this hidden OC treasure.

So ladies of OC here is the reasons why Shawn is a great date.

1. Waited outside of his friends house for me to arrive. That screams gentleman.
2. Waited to eat ice cream until I got there. This defines gentleman.
3. Provided a nice, safe environment, with good clean fun. Your parents will appreciate this.
4. Took me to a devotional to end the night. God likes this.
5. Let me take all these pictures of him!! hahahha

Shawn and I after a crazy game of nerts.

The classic hold the camera out picture.

We may have been on a row with some very enthusiastic singers.

Overall, great night.

Ladies I think I have just scratched the surface on this one..... The rest is in your hands.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Based off Friday's Post

The flowers got done.... The t-shirt dress did not.


Small Flowers for club reps

Flowers for the Queen Candidates. This is Becca, who wore some awesome shoes that I will post about later.

The queens bouquet and the cute little Katie that carried them

The beautiful Queen! Congrats Abigail.

Dress=Make me want to scream at 2:00 a.m. when I ran out of diet coke and put a hole in the dress. To say the least, the dress did not get done.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Cupcakes are cute. Period. They are cute and full of calories that despite the greatest willpower, somehow end up in your mouth.

In college, a good friend and I would always buy cupcakes for the other one when we had a bad day or when we needed to celebrate or when we just wanted sugar. It really was because Sarah Jessica Parker ate one while sitting on a bench with her best friend (Season 3, you know what I am talking about). So I felt it was only right for us to do so as well.

This week I had a group of about 15 girls, decorating 200+ cupcakes in my apartment.
Fun girls AND cute cupcakes.... Well, I don't know how you spent your Friday night but you should be jealous of mine!

Meet Kayla and Emilee... they are indulging my sprinkle obsession.

Line for the icing (We made 10 batches by the way)

I just wanted to post this one so you could see the huge cupcake and because this looks like a picture the Pioneer Woman would have post on her site..... Oh wait she did post a picture of this girl on her website.... Go HERE and read the story of cute Kayla meeting PW


Amanda and Bailey, when you are around I have no worries because I know you will make sure it gets done.... and done well.

My kitchen... If I was a 1950's house wife this would have never happened?

And from all of that we have this....


This is Kelli and she likes to play a game called "scenario". She gives you an scenario and then you make the appropriate face.
Scenario: Some one just came in and flung all the cupcakes on the floor.

No, No.