Saturday, October 31, 2009

The day I cried in Walmart

Today, October 30, 2009, is a day I swear I will never forget. Get ready to gasp, cry, laugh.... and then laugh some more.

At 11:30 I arrive at Studio... oh gee, forgot the full name, to get a dye job. The roots needed it!
I tell my sweet cousin, Katie, that I would like it a little darker but the length is great.

Ok don't stop reading....ITS ABOUT TO GET INTERESTING

So after I had been colored and rinsed, Katie needed to help another client. A sweet older lady who was absolutely precious. Having been raised by a hair dresser there should be no problem when my cousin said "Amy, comb out your hair and start drying it" since I had a beauty shop in my house! So I reach for a comb and notice that it is a double sided comb. No big deal. seen those before. I fix my part with my hands. Take the comb to brush down my part and hear the oddest sound... The following took place.

Me: "What kind of comb is this"
Cousin Re: "Katie, Katie..."
Cousin Katie: "What happened"
Me: Realized that I didn't have a comb, I had a RAZOR. Got sick at my stomach. Lean over and see my hair falling out.

Cousin Re: "Oh Amy, I don't know whether to cry or laugh"
Me: Laughing..... and telling myself that it is going to be ok.... it is going to be ok.... Oh crap I don't have hair.
Cousin Katie: Trying to help her client and probably wondering how much I had to drink to confuse a razor for a comb
Me: "Its going to be ok, I can just part it here and then cover it"
All hair stylists come over and look at my debauched hair.
Me: You have to laugh.... you have to laugh.... for the love, please don't cry.
Cousin Re: "The color looks great" How sweet is she... and the color did look great.

This is a quick modified version, the moment felt like forever. Well it reminds me of that scene from Little Women where Jo cuts her hair and Amy says "Oh Jo, your one beauty". The moment kind of felt like that, except that I had no redeeming pleasure of giving my hair to buy a train ticket for my mother to go see my dying father.

Bless my every loving heart...

Picture #2
I look like should a member of the band, Indigo Girls.

So I now have the awesome comb over... But the color is awesome.

Don't make fun because friends, I will be wearing it like this for a good 9 months.
So when you see me with the same hairstyle.....
and the same bobby-pins....
and the same comb over part.... Please don't judge me.
The best part is that I cut my hair where I have a cow lick. So when it grows out, it is going to be sticking straight up.

So I really didn't get upset because I couldn't.... Tears were not going to bring back my bangs or my dignity. That was until I was in walmart and I was walking down the candy aisle and saw the prettiest hair that had a natural, non-combover part and the tears slide down my face. Just a few and then I remembered that Forever 21 sells the cutest bobby-pins. :)


Disclaimer: My cousin is an amazingly talented stylist and is in no way responsible for my prison hair do.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

What it takes for me to head home...

Next to last entry about my Grandma....

Here is what it takes for me to head home for a short weekend.

1. Pack a bag full of shoes. You will need your grey boots, purple heels, black books, running shoes, not-running shoes, 2 pairs of grey heels, and brown boats. When you have so many its hard to chose just one!

2. Make really cool mix CD full of your favorite new songs. Jam out down I-40 heading east

3. Once in Shawnee, stop at Billy Boys and get a large side of these....

There are no words.

4. Make fun of this car who had this on their back windshield.

I am all up for remembering those who have gone before but a car decal really?

5. Remember why you came home.

To celebrate 90 years of this beautiful woman.
She taught me how to set a table, to fall in love with musicals, to sing alto, to always ring a dinner bell before dinner, to not be ashamed to be an educated woman, and to always have matching jewelry to adorn your outfits.

Grandma, you are loved in abundance.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back to those purple vases

The is the first of many entries on my Grandmother's 90th birthday.... You can stop reading now if you would like.

So if you take these tacky purple vases that I mentioned the other day....

And this bucket of flowers from Sam's

To get this.....

A little brown flat spray paint and we (my mom, my sisters, and I) had a dramatic table decoration. I love adding height to any table decor.... It always turns out good.

Now having done that... I also did this...

At one point I looked down and said "Holy Hannah, who put that massive load of bird nest on the bottom of that plat"..... then I remembered in the last few precious moments of decorating I put that massive amount of left over toole around the base of the fake plant in hopes to cover up the brass. After 24 hours of decorating, I should not be aloud to make decisions.

If you can look at this picture and tell me the movie that it makes you think of... we will be new best friends!!!


Monday, October 26, 2009

My Bargains...

Believe it or not.... I do not love shopping. (Did you laugh at that statement?) Ok for the love, I am serious. I do not love shopping. I am not one of those girls who goes to the mall just to go.... never would I do that.... that is not relaxing.... and its a little too 90210 or Gossip Girl. No, no I am not that girl.
Now having said that, I do love looking for the perfect outfit or certain items to complete an outfit. I must be going for something or I am not going. If there is a challenge, a quest to find the perfect thing, then the fun for me has begun. That is what I love! And most importantly it has to be a bargain..... oh yes, it must be a bargain.
So I bring to you my bargains from the past week.... I have a lot because I was trying to find an outfit for a wedding & my G-ma's party and stumbled into all wonderful things.

Purple flower clip from Forever 21.


Super cute purse from Target.

Sale: $7.49
not sure if I am keeping it though....

Purple vases from Hobby Lobby.

Originally: $30 each
Sale: $3.49 each
These may be super ugly to you..... but wait till you see what I did with them!!!

Here is the big BARGAIN
These cute shoes from Dillards.

of course there are heels in my bargains....

stop judging me...
you know they are cute....
and do you know how hard it is to take pictures of shoes on your feet

Antonio Melani Shoes
Originally $85.00
Sale $10.00

The thrill of a good find fills me with warmth from head to toe.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Look what I found....

So I am in Shawnee for my G-ma's 90th
And I was at Shawnee Wal-mart at midnight (which if you have never been shawnee walmart at midnight.... it is a trip)
My sister and I were look for a punch recipe in the magazine aisle.... because it was 12 hours till the party and we had yet to decide on punch... typical Kelly girl.
As we were look this is what I saw...


I was too excited..... I literally screamed!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Once Upon a time....

There were a group of lovely ladies who got a hold of my camera.... They didn't know that I would some day start a blog and show them to my 2 readers....

This is a just a typical night in the life of a freshman.

This one might be my favorite

Man I got you so good!


P.S. Your girls are the reason I love my job!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 7

Day 7 Dedication: The Pioneer Woman

I would like to start out and say that I am not a stalker (which is what all real stalkers write). I do however love The Pioneer Woman blog... I love her life.... and I love her hair. You are living out my dream of living in the country and doing it while wearing mascara.
Side note..... if you are single cowboy out there.... give me a call (wink).

Now, I am not going to write anymore about my obsession....
Or that I check her website a couple times a day....
Or that I just bought 4 of her cookbooks....
Or that I really started my blog because I have this dream that she will read it and think "I want to to meet this young lady and have her to my home and cook in my kitchen... Oh wait she doesn't cook... I mean bake in my kitchen"

No today I will not go there. I am just going to encourage you to go and fall in love with her website like I did. If this blog can bring one more reader to know The Pioneer Woman, then I can die knowing I changed a life. (It's also dramatic day 7 of dedication week)


P.S. I totally want chickens too!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 6

Dedication: More Inanmate objects which will make you think less of me

TJ Maxx- All of these shoes came from TJ Maxx

Harry Potter Books and yes I wait in line for the movies.

We had a row of 9 people who were at the latest midnight showing. It got a little intense saving seats.... apparently HP fans get a little sensitive about their seats.

The show that comes on TBS at 10:30 every night.... (well actually not anymore), that I will not write or post any pictures because some will think less of me. Never the less, I am obsessed with you! At least it is edited and do love the fashion... and the friendship!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 5

Dedication: To my Granny

WARNING: May get a little sappy

I love to dress up, look nice, feel fancy…. Basically anything out of InStyle magazine I want to wear. This is not something that came about in my life by pressure from a materialistic society. No, it is the direct teaching/DNA of my dear Granny, Virgie. My Gran is soon to be 88 years old and is still the proud owner of around 15 pairs of high heels with coordinating Sunday suits (oh and you better believe she wears those heels every Sunday). I am going to plead the fifth and blame (and by blame I really mean love) Virg for my obsession with presentation and not just with my appearance but with everything…. I adoringly dedicated my new blog to her (which I will forget to update and my two readers, my sisters, will stop reading). Her life lessons are endless but I will leave you with two… She taught me that you give in abundance out of what you have and that you don’t need a million bucks to look and feel like a million bucks…. aka the sales rack at Dillards, Montgomery Wards, and Sears.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 4

Dedication: Shawnee, OK

The place of my birth..... hahahhaha. I seriously just wrote that and then realized I was born in Tulsa. I would of erased it but I just want to prove to you that I am not perfect.

Ok, take two.

Dedication: Shawnee, Ok

The place I grew up.

Top 5 reasons Shawnee gets a dedication day.

1. The first Sonic was in Shawnee.... And thus my addiction for diet coke began

2. The best snow cone place ever is in Shawnee.... don't argue with me, it is seriously the best!

3. My first kiss was in this front yard in Shawnee

Totally kidding... How creepy would it be if I took a picture of the place of my first kiss. I really don't want to remember it..... but it did take place in a front yard ;)

4. Billy Boys Barbecue--- Eat it... love it.... then go shopping next door at Lasting Impressions

5. This...


And This....
Was born in Shawnee.... Need I say more.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 3

The Dedication goes to..... Reese Witherspoon

She is my definition of obsession.

When she cuts her hair. I cut my hair.

When she is on the cover of a magazine, I buy it.
(these are the ones that I have had mounted to frame)

I have made clothes to match her.
And for the love, if someone can help me find out how I can make, buy, steal that sweater that she wore in Sweet Home Alabama. Its the one she wore on the dock.... one of the best scenes in the movie. It is turquoise with a brown trim and would make the perfect fall accessory....... I mean PERFECT!

Reese Witherspoon you are who I choose every time someone ask me that stupid question, "Who would play you in a made for TV movie?".


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dedication Day #2

Day 2 Dedication: These two ladies...

Because when we decided to start a fake club in college.... they were there!

And because if I say, "Remember when Nsync preformed at the 2000 VMA's?" They not only know exactly what I am talking about... they can do the moves... with me :)

They cried on my bed in college while watching Pearl Harbor. Oh wait not cried, sobbed.... uncontrollably. And then printed the script and dreamed of making the remake.

Oh the secrets I could tell.... but I wont!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Dedication Week....

42.5 years later I am joining the world of blogging (just in time for everyone else to get a twitter).
And in honor of me joining the new millennium, I am going to have a dedication week. I am dedicating my blog to those I feel worthy of such an honor....

So let the 7 days of dedication begin....

Day 1: to all the inanimate objects in my life that might make people pity me.

  • Large Vanilla Diet Cokes from Sonic. I know I left you for some time while I was training for that dang half marathon but don't worry I have come back!
(Look Mom! I can shift gears, talk on my cell phone, drink my sonic drink, and stare at my freshly manicure red nails.... that is talent my friend)

  • Those re-usable bags that every store sells. I love you and you make my life happy. They are only a buck....
so I have like 3
or more like 5

or maybe 15.

  • These shoes.... because when I bought them I knew they were worth blogging about. ($10, Ross)