Wednesday, May 18, 2011

List of Dreams.

Oh the dreams have started. For the longest time I wouldn't let myself think about what I wanted to do with my house but that has now changed my friends. I have searched every blog that has the word "cottage" or "shabby chic" in its title.

Here is my current list of dreams. 
 I have always loved chalkboards..... But that gold frame around it! Be still my heart. 
 Love the gathered skirt.
 There is not a place I could put this door but I still want it. And it yellow.
 If anyone finds this table, can make this table, knows a friend of your aunt's cousin that can make it, let me know. I will sell my shoes for this table. 
 The lights over the kitchen bar...... Yes, I will take two. 
This room is everything. Everything I want my house to be. 
Happy. Warm. Friendly. Inviting. Colorful. Peaceful.

As you read this I am currently either in the air or landing in Wilmington, NC. 
Yes, the home of Dawson's Creek. 
As I land I will be singing the theme song.... in my head and dreaming of Pacey. sigh. 



Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You have posted pictures that I love!!! That door is spectacular....

OK Chick said...

I love these ideas! I should have hired you to decorate my house. We have similar taste.

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Anonymous said...

So the look's called "shabby chic," huh? I usually call that soft rustic. My wife and I are into that look, and we have tried our best to create the same atmosphere. It took changes from the roof, floor, and furnishings but, hey! Anything for the home. =)

- Terence Watthens