Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Cobbler

This past Saturday was LJP's birthday.
Lindsay does not have a birthDAY, she has a birthday MONTH.... because she loves it! Which makes it totally fun to do stuff for her day.
Her husband put me in charge of her birthday cake, which I was pumped about cause its Lindsay's birthday and I just wanted to help! He suggested Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler, and that my friends is what she got!
First, you get two bags of Strawberries (yes, they are better fresh but yes, the frozen kind work).
Put them in a big pot add two cups of sugar (my Granny would have added 3cups) and heat them until they look like mush.
Then take a bag of Rhubarb.
"Of what???" You ask. Rhubarb. Looks like celery and taste awful.
That is exactly what I am talking about! This just proves that if you add enough sugar, anything can taste good. I blend it up so that the sourness of the rhubarb is equally distributed throughout the cobbler. Add that to the strawberry mush and add some flour.
Now I don't have any pictures of the in-between steps because,
  • I was running late and
  • The crust was too dry and
  • Then I burned myself and
  • Then made a huge mess....
But here is the end product!
Happy Birthday LJP!!!!!



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Matter of Fact said...

I grew up eating Rhubard from my mother's garden !! I would get a cup of sugar and dip my rhubarb into it ! It is really bitter otherwise :) The Birthday Cobbler looks great !!