Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What would your reaction be to a frog?

My mother and my sister have taken a little road trip to North Carolina, where my sister will be moving in 3 weeks.... Prepare yourself for a pathetic post from me, when I have to say goodbye to my sister who is moving away from Oklahoma for 5 years.... But before we go there, we must get to the frogs.

My oldest sister is watching Tara's kids and I went down today to give her a hand.... and by hand, I mean watching her make all the kids lunch and then making her run to sonic to get us drinks... Sorry KC! But for reals to the FROGS. My niece and nephews love frogs and they love to to frog hunt. All that is needed for a frog hunt is a big 5 gallon bucket, a little dirt, and quick hands. Enjoy!



TaylorMade said...

My favorite line: Do I have to tell you?

SO cute!

Crislyn said...

Amy, they are ADORABLE!! I loved this video. My brothers and I used to catch baby frogs in the front of our house when we were little, and this just brought back a flood of fun memories from my childhood. Haha.