Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love is....

10 rolls of paper towels
200 paper plates
More lunch meat than we know what to do with
A man putting on a full suit at 11:00pm from the funeral home
The best chocolate sheet cake
Starbucks coffee
Unexpected flowers from friends
Pink Roses
Potluck meals made by loving hands
Pink Nail polish
Memories of a woman I hold in the highest regards and whom I will always, always hold in my heart.

We were blessed to celebrate my Grandmother's 90th  birthday this past October and we were even more blessed to celebrate her going home this past Tuesday. And I will tell you what, I bet she has every bible scholar gathered around and she has not stopped asking questions and probably has enlightened them on a thing or two about their manuscripts. :)

Grandma, your seat will be empty. I Samuel 20:18


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OK Chick said...

I'm sorry Amy! Please know that my thoughts are with your family.

I really like this post, because those are great acts of love that you don't always appreciate until you need them.