Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last Rodeo

FACT: I have LOTS of students to move in this weekend
FACT: I am planning,what is essentially, a camp for 650 people that will take place in 3 days

Those two things should have been enough to keep me locked in my apartment last night with my highlighters and post-it notes making sure that every detail was taken care of BUT that was not the case.

I dressed up like this....

And met up with these friends...

All to see the Last Rodeo....

Who could say no to a little Boot Scootin' Boogie?
And I am going to lose so much sleep this week, that there is no harm is starting a few days early!



Kayla said...

Have fun at EYW!!!

AK said...

THanks Kayla! I some of your clothes from Honduras. I will bring those by sometime.