Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just a few things.

#1 It is shark week.
If I am not checking people out, checking people in, or packing for Honduras.... I will be watching Shark week! I am watching it right now..... HEAVEN!!! 

#2 I was searching for the perfect fall camel colored boot. I, of course, went to Victoria Secret's website and found these.... Whoa flash back to the 90's but in purple. 

Clogs are also back in.... good thing I still have some from American Eagle.

#3 If you only drive in the fast lane on the highway, that is rude.... don't do it. 
Love me.... 
and the other people who are tailing you. :) 

#4 Did you know that Westies is going out of business...
 and has all North Face jackets 60% off. You can thank me later. 



OK Chick said...

When you say Westies do you mean Metro Shoe, or whatever it's called now?

AK said...

Well, the old Westies (behind Bath and Body Works) is the one having the liquidation sale.