Monday, September 13, 2010

Guess what happened when I stayed inside ALL weekend.....

I rediscovered my love for Joshua Jackson.
I loved him in Mighty Ducks, especially the third one, when he cried. You know that part where Emilio Estevez says "I told him you were the heart of the team" LOVE THAT.
And I LOVE him in Dawson's Creek. Now I never got to watch DC because like every good CofC girl, I was at church on Wednesday night at 7:00..... (that also meant I didn't watch 90210).
But there was one glorious semester at Harding, where my roommate and I would go to early worship at 5:30 pm on Wednesday and then run to the student center to grab dinner and then run back to our dorms, so that we could enjoy what we had been deprived of for so many years, Dawson's Creek.

Now I did end up transferring to OC :) and thus my semester of deviant behavior was over. But lucky for me by the time I was a senior, TBS was showing the re-runs and thanks to a my trusty VHS timed recorder, I finally found out if Joey and Pacey were at long last together.

And now due to the SICKNESS THAT WILL NOT GO AWAY.... I have watched seasons 1, 2, & working on 3. I know its disturbing that anyone would spend that much time watching anything.
BUT, If I am going to be sick, at least I am sick with Joshua Jackson.


*PS. In season 3, episode 15, Pacey wears a jacket from American Eagle and I totally bought that jacket my senior year in high school. We are soul mates.


OK Chick said...

DC is a great show! There is nothing wrong with some quality DC.

My SR year in college I had a final at 9:00am. And being the good college student I was, I got up extra early to study. Of course that went down the drain when I saw TBS was playing DC at 6am. Yup, I spent 3 precious hours watching OLD reruns of DC instead of studying for my final. I'm pretty sure I didn't pass the final, but who cares.

AK said...

Hahahah.... That is an awesome story! I wish TBS still showed them. That would be wonderful.

wayfarervintage said...

I found your BLOG by clicking on "next blog" when I was updating my own blog. I have FOUR SISTERS. Yes, FOUR. I understand the hours of sister bliss. Nothing quite like it. Comfort. Understanding. Tolerance. Acceptance. Love. Can't find it anywhere else except a best friend. Keep the posts comin' !!
Great job.