Monday, September 20, 2010

I love Ziplock baggies.

Its true. I absolutely love them.

I buy a box of every size before I go to camp. I will go to the store immediately to buy more if I run out. And if I am traveling anywhere I have a handful of empty ones, just in case.

And when I am preparing to spend 37+ hours in Hardeman auditorium this week, I use them to store pre-made snacks. Or to store grilled chicken, that I can put on a salad.

Take a look at this fridge.
This says I have 10 minutes to run home change clothes and grab a sack of carrots, sack of grapes & orange, breakfast drink, water, salad w/ pre grilled chicken and low in sugar salad dressing, orange juice, or a glass of Earl Grey tea. 

What lead me to this crazy organization.... Fear. Straight up fear that I would have zero time to eat. 
And I love to eat! 



KC said...

YAY for baggies!!!! Looks like you are taking care of yourself this week!! Can't wait tonsee fanfare!

OK Chick said...

I love your organization! SO cute! Also, I am a fan of Ziplock baggies. I got this from my grandma.

jasonandjordan said...

that is the most i've ever seen in your fridge!!

AK said...

That is because it is the most I have ever had in my fridge... hahhaha.