Sunday, January 10, 2010


Everyone needs a Rita. She is the woman who is your Mom's best friend and loves you like you were her own. She always send cards and never forgets a birthday. She constantly gives and gives and gives. She might even fight your own mother for spot as number one fan. She is the first to arrive to help and the last to leave. She only thinks the best of you.

She is family by love which I think is sometimes stronger than blood.

This is my Rita.

And just when I thought she couldn't get any better, she did..... by giving me Martha.

Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts

Look at these cute letters..... I will be trying me some of these.

I have flagged a few pages

Martha Stewart Beginning Cookbook

Everything I need for baking.... which I love.

What you need for cooking.... I barely use the pot I own.

And a Martha Stewart Magazine Subscription

This is my Rita and she knows me VERY well!



bearles said...

Amy - I think we may share a Martha Stewart obsession! Love your blog and miss you!


Julie said...

Enjoyed my visit..Great Post..made me miss my Mom.