Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Holiday!

Its official. LJP & I are brilliant!
Let me explain. :)
Fashion Week in NYC. This wonderful week is taking place as you read.... Congrats are in order for all of us because we will reap the cheap knock off benefits as a result of this beautiful event. The question is, why aren't the fashion shows being streamed live on television? They show everything else.... Why can't I have fashion week? Think of the great times that could be had. Vacation time off work, wearing heals and pearls while lounging on my couch, drinking vitamin water (because they drank that on fashion week in SATC) and just some good quality girl time.
**Side note, I did find out that there is some type of live stream on the internet. This could be an urban myth. I got this information from a closet reader. Thanks for the info.**
So this is where Lindsay and I become brilliant.... legends if you will.
We were talking at dinner about what a great week this is and how it should be a holiday.... oh my word, IT SHOULD BE A HOLIDAY. Before I say this next statement, I need to say that I am not one of those bitter single girls, that hate the day covered in hearts. I actually like the holiday. I think its a cute holiday, with pink and sparkles and hearts. But with that being said LJP and I are going to for go Valentines and celebrate Fashion Week.
How would one go about celebrating this you ask? You first must get dressed up.... great shoes, great hair, and great accessories. You get a group of BF's together, a stack of fashion magazines, and a great restaurant. This is going to be BIG.... and hallmark will be forced to make cards.

Now what you are really waiting for..... My favorites.
 Calvin Klein
 Marc Jacobs
 Michael Kors
 Jason Wu
Oscar de la Renta



OK Chick said...

I love, love, love your new blog layout. Very nice AK!

M said...

I just found your blog Amy! Your fashion week holiday sounds so amazingly fantastic:)