Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear Brad Womack,

I would like to thank you for the best Valentines gift EVER. It trumped the homemade card left on my desk, the chocolates given to me in a cute little box, and the phone call from my Dad (and it is hard to top that). You redeemed the entire Bachelor project by sending "satan" home before the hometown dates. Thank you for finally catching onto her games. When you didn't call her name I scream and did a fist pump. I am not super proud of this action but it just came with being in the moment.

Love a big time Bachelor fan & even bigger fan of Chris Harrison,

P.S. Bailey thanks for hosting Gal-entines. It was super fun!

Also..... Look what I did with a paint swatch


Melody said...

Totally agree with you on sending 'Satan' home when he did! I honestly thought she'd be around for a couple more shows but I'm so glad he let her go like he did.

BTW, could Emily get any cuter?!

Amber said...

I completely agree!!!! I was cheering when he gave out the last rose!

AK said...

No, Em (as he calls her) could not be any cuter! I don't think I have loved a bachelorette this much since Sadi.

Paige Bailey Photography said...

Amy- I may have screamed and fist pumped as well while jacob looked at me while I was insane... oops. Brad Womack is for sure not my favorite bachelor but he has slowly gotten closer with getting rid of "satan." I love Emily and just want her to be the next bachelorette, she deserves better than brad. That is all =).

Elizabeth Mullins said...

I am happy to have her gone too...sad thing is that you maybe got a small glimpse of a momentary unguarded, truly genuine emotion when she realized she really screwed up.

AK said...

Paige- your right she is way better than him. He is a fool if he lets her go.

Elizabeth- I thought that too..... and thats when I realized she might have soul. :) (I am being dramatic)

Jordan Rae said...

Am I a hater if I don't think Emily is that cool?! She's kind of blaaaah.

BUT nothing else against her, okay?! I think she's the best pick.
I guess I just had to speak my peace :)

and is chantel preggers?! holy poor ...cow?

OK Chick said...

Fellow runner....we should together sometime.
I'm glad you had a Happy Valentine's Day.

AK said...

Jordan- because you said that I will never cook you chocolate chip pancakes again.... J/K I totally will. Its ok if you don't big-L Emily. Miss you!

Lindsy-I don't know if I was running or dying. I am still not sure.... hahhaa. But when I build up to more than a mile, I will totally call you.