Sunday, March 13, 2011

7 Days of straight blogging....

You think it can't be done.... Well, you don't have a practically empty phase, every evening free for the next week (gasp), and most of your closest friends out of town. My mind is beautifully calm and there is nothing pressing on the horizon.... I will take the uncommon calm in my life and share with you how I waste time.

Today I will spend it.... READING.

I got these three magazines in the mail this week... Thank you!
Mary Janes Farms is my new favorite magazine.... Sorry for the small cleavage! 

And I found these at the 2nd hand bookstore..... The American doll books are for when my niece comes to stay.... I may crack one just to feel  a little nostalgic.
I will read Much Ado About Nothing for this line.....
"And there was a start dance, and under that I was born"

I love that line.
In high school this beautifully talented girl, named Jennifer, played Beatrice and she had the most graceful delivery of this line.

I was also borrowed the Bush memoirs.

Let the quietness begin.


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Cara Linn said...

You should make time to see me on Monday before I leave. :)