Sunday, May 30, 2010

I own $90 sandals.

But I only paid $10 for them!
And I haven't worn them since I bought them in Oct '09, because shoes like that need a debut.... and Friday night they got it.

I went and saw a certain movie and these sandals had the perfect glitz that Carrie Bradshaw would have loved.
Bay had fab shoes too... Nine west and were really sparkly. 

I expected to see
-lots of new shoes
-lots of women in packs of 3 or more
-large consumptions of diet coke
-lots of women dressed up for no reason
-women giddy with anticipation of  a 2 1/2 hour movie that would in no way challenge their minds or make them think. 

But what I didn't expect to see was this....

9 men sitting in a theater full of women.
If anyone has an answer for this, please let me know.



SuzSpeaks said...

way cute!! I went yesterday... several sets of obviously gay men... they were the only ones laughing during the some of the wedding scenes.. so of course I started laughing! ha! It was SO good!

The Bristers said...

That is hilarious that you even got a picture of them!

OK Chick said...

I love the shoes!