Friday, May 28, 2010

"We were berry picking"

Can you name that movie?

So this morning I got up early.... and there are very few things I get up extremely early for! There was this one time, when I did a 12 week book camp at 6am.... It was horrible (not you Elizabeth, you were wonderful) but I am not wonderful at that ungodly hour.
I decided through much debate that fresh strawberries are worth getting up early. 
LJP's parents went on vacation and left a whole strawberry patch that just needed to be picked/eaten. 

Beside the twig that I thought was a snake, which made me use vocal cords that weren't yet ready for the day, it was a good morning! Thanks Lois!


Anonymous said...

I. am. so. jealous. You better make something good with those priceless fresh strawberries!

KC said...

You were berry picking? Where are all the berries
We ate them!
Great movie & what a fun way to start the day!

AK said...

Thank you for know that quote!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

HAHA! I completely agree with you on that time of day! Which is why bootcamp only happens every 2 years at that time:)!