Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No, No Rick Mitchell.

It is officially summer because I heard "The Bluest Eyes in Texas" by Restless Heart and because the Bachelorette will take up the next 8 weeks of my life. 

Rick Mitchell did ruin the first 5 minutes of the Bachelorette but no worries, it was just a recap of Alli and how psychotic she got over Jake.... I did not need to see that again. 

Last night my girlfriends and i took our Bachy watching to a new level.... 
We had cheat sheets.
We were ruthless.... It wasn't pretty.... but neither were some of those guys

We all had our own methods of rating the men.... Chelsea boxed her favs 

And then she did this... Those are roses by the men who recieved them. :)

I used a skill I mastered in first grade... 
Sorry Derrick you didn't make it and your mom is probably embarrassed by you.



Hi, I'm Ginny said...

That is so like Rick to do that! We still refer to it as "Getting Rick Mitchell-ed" even in Tulsa. hehe I wish I could watch it with you! Although, I really do not like her at all.

Tara Hicks said...

literally laughing out loud

KC said...

I love it Amy!! I'm laughing along with Tara.