Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I made jam.

or maybe jelly..... I don't know the difference.

Start with these fresh strawberries.
Mush them up.... a lot.
Add soooooo much sugar and then don't tell anyone you give the jam to how much you put in there because they might as well just eat sugar out of a sugar bowl.
Add some Sure-Jelly... which doesn't look that good at all.
Get some of these...
And get some of these...
Do you know how hard it is to pour jam & take a picture? Thus the reason the pouring bowl did not make it into the picture.
Then you have...
12 jars of jam.... Just another example of why I should/need live on a farm.


1 comment:

OK Chick said...

So, how long did this take? I want to make jam sometime.