Friday, October 8, 2010

The gasp heard around Hobby Lobby....

Yes, it could have been from people finding out that I forgot to call my sister on her birthday. AND yes it is  the sister who lives 22 hours away from any family. I feel horrible and I did start to call but got side tracked with a student... Crap, that makes it sound worse. TARA I LOVE YOU!!!!

No, the real gasp was from when I discovered that they put out the Christmas wrapping paper.
I seriously made the loudest sound, that had women's heads turning. The gasp that I let out could have been that of a mother watching her child run out in front of a car, or maybe watching someone knock over your grandmother's antique punch bowl, or hearing that Justin Timberlake is madly in love with you. These are all acceptable reason's to make a huge scene in HL...... But mine was because of a 75 feet roll of paper.
I immediately called my sister and let her know the good news. She was equally as thrilled.

Tara I would have called you too but you don't have a Hobby Lobby and that would just be rude to rub it in your face, especially since I won the worst sister award yesterday.

The only thing better to them putting out the Christmas wrapping paper, is when they put it 50% off!!!



Kelsey Dawn said...

So it's definitely hit and miss. But it's also definitely worth it when you find good stuff.

bailey said...

I didn't let out a huge gasp, but I did get really excited yesterday when I got my HL email saying that they now sell fabric on their website. I might have annouced it to everyone standing around me at SDC