Sunday, October 24, 2010

All good things must end....

I woke up this morning to complete silence.

There were no little feet walking up creaky stairs,
Or little hands closing cabinet doors, over and over,
Or hearing "Good morning Aunt Mimi" really loud, while some crazy PBS show is playing in the background.

Sometimes silence is good... sometimes its even needed. But this morning it just made me sad.

I had the most wonderful 5 days in Jacksonville, North Carolina. So much, that I didn't want to leave.

Reasons I love me some Jacksonville! 

Blue eyes
Shopping and Liam posing for pictures
Little footprints in the sand
The ocean
Sisters in matching scarfs
Sweet Tea... and I mean real sweet tea.
Front Porches
Coffee and talking 
And I love Jacksonville because it gave the three of us a reason to be together!


1 comment:

Gena said...

You're such a good Aunt. Glad you had such a good time!