Friday, December 17, 2010

My 20's are coming to an end.

I turned 29 this week. Its true. I am one year away from my 30's and that means 11 years away from being 40, aka my 40th Birthday Prom. I have been planning it since I was in the college.

Ok, truth. I do not love my birthday. I carry with me a little birthday baggage. Most dealing with guilt because people feel the need to buy me something and the scars of some really bad birthdays. The worst being in 7th grade when I invited my girlfriends to come to a party, which included us going to the movies, and they each said they couldn't come. Then that I night I saw them at the movies. I actually had to walk by them when I walked out of the main doors. It was horrible. The close second would be my best friend moving away on my 16th birthday.

I say this not so that you feel sorry for me but so that you understand what I learned this year. Yes, I had some bad b.days in my teens but I have been holding it against the birthdays of my 20's. Because the truth is, my birthdays the past few years have been really great.
--I got to see the third Lord of the Rings on my 22nd birthday at a midnight showing.
--I spent my 25th in London.... granted I was sick with an African parasite but I wont hold it against London
--My best friends took me ice skating and I love ice skating.
--My brother threw me my first surprise party at age 28.

So this year, I decided, with the help of some close friends, that I would embrace my birthday. I would not cringe every time someone said happy birthday, or try to act like they weren't talking to me.  I graciously say thank you and smile. I even put my birthday on facebook. And it wasn't bad and I survived. I mean you can't hate a day where you are given flowers, you have coffee with your Dad at Panera, spend time with some of your best friends, and your niece sings Happy Birthday to you via FaceTime.

But my friends, one of my favorite things about my birthday, is not only having the blessing of having a best friend who knows you oh so well, but this.....
A Harry Potter Glitter Wand. 
LJP, I love it and that little red rhinestone you added! Cause you know I love red & rhinestones.



Cara Linn said...

Happy birthday, beautiful. I miss you!

Emily said...

I turn 30 in 2011. ACK!

Ok, your story about your seventh grade birthday was awful. I'm sorry that happened to you. It makes me pray even harder that Jesus comes back soon, before Kendall is that age. But you still turned out pretty great.... :)

AK said...

It is going to be such a good year. Lindsay and plan on making year 30 be BIG.... we will let you know the details.