Monday, December 20, 2010

What did I do on my first day off.... 

8:15 Alarm goes off and I am mad because its my morning to sleep.
8:30 Realize I set my alarm so I could get to the mall by 9:00 because I don't like shopping with people. (yes I might be the Grinch)
8:42 Call sister #2. She doesn't answer.
8:50 After brushing my teeth and looking at my hair :), I hopped in the car. 
8:51 Call Mom- tell her to have Nathan to call me.
8:58 Already yell at a stupid driver who cut me off.... Umm hello big blue car you can't miss me.
9:05 Sephora to pick up ***** (Can't say, cause my friends & family read my blog. Didn't buy... I needed to see all my options.
9:06 Sister #2 calls. Tell her also to have Nathan call me. 
9:10 Call sister #1.
9:15 Bath and Body to get *****.
9:16 Take a moment and enjoy the quietness of the Mall.
9:17 Go to Forever 21.... I just couldn't say no!!! I had to go but I didn't buy anything. I know, I was shocked too! 
9:22 Attacked my a very peppy mall vendor man. I don't care if you like my earrings, I am not buying anything from you, you creepy, creepy man.
9:24 Contemplate reporting overly happy mall vendor man. 
9:25 Decided I am over shopping and head to Sephora.
9:30 Back at Sephora to get ******.
9:32 Realized I miss 2 calls from Nathan.
9:35 Done with the mall..... Boo ya to all you people who slept in.... oh wait, you did get to sleep in. Ok, its a win-win situation.


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