Thursday, December 30, 2010

What we girls go through.

Today I had to get the brows waxed. It was needed. Now, please don't get mad at me when I say this.... Promise?? I only get my brows waxed, about every three months AND I don't pluck in-between. The genes of my childhood still run through my eyebrows and they are blonde and thus do not require much maintenance.
But today I couldn't handle them anymore.... they needed some work. So I went to Bello Nails because they are great!
And here is the diary of a brow wax.

I walk in and they are super sweet and say things like "Oh come sit" & "You need nails too?" and then escort me to a pedicure chair.
Then they look at my eyebrows and give a questioning look, like they don't think they need to be wax.
I say "I know, look close, they are blonde, they need this"
She laughs and say "Ahh, I see"
I close my eyes and right on que she says "You need lip waxed?"
***At this moment everyone women in America thinks "Crap, is she trying to tell me something". Even when you go in having checked out your upper lip, you still question it.
I say "No, but thanks."
Then she rips the first strip off and my eyes start watering.
She says, "Ah, I so sorry" and I say, "Happen every time"
Then she says "ohhh, lots of hair" Like I was lying that I didn't need this done.
AND THEN.... I am not kidding... when she finishes she looks at me and says...
"These brows will get you kissed at midnight"
HAHAHHA.....I had no idea that was all I needed.

Since I am on the topic of beauty. Look what only a Beautician could give her daughters for Christmas...
Route 44 used to dramatize how freak'n big these these things are.



Sarah said...

I had a similar experience with being asked about my lip. It is a tragic question that still haunts me. haha. Miss you AK! See ya soon :)

bailey said...

in that case, I'm going to get my eyebrows waxed tomorrow! I'm sad I won't be with you at midnight, have fun in Salem

AK said...

See you soon Sarah!!!
Bay-Bay we missed you in Salem.

Jordan Rae said...

I appreciate this post.
And don't ever wax your lip. In my personal opinion, us blonde peach fuzz people don't need it until we're in our 40s.
Oh and..... I love that shampoo and conditioner.