Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Before/After- Playhouse Part 1

This is one of favorite Christmas projects.

My Dad, around 1984, built a sweet little playhouse for his daughters (and future son).

Being that it is around 26 years old, my Dad knew it needed a little work. And 4 years ago when his granddaughter was born, he was inspired to yet again have the next generation of Kelly girls playing and day dreaming in the playhouse..... oh, and let me not forget, the Kelly boys!

So this past year my Dad finished the playhouse.... It has stairs again and is painted red.... and in this little girls memory, it is perfect.

So since it was finished, I decided I would take on the inside.
So my gift for nieces and nephews was to make the inside match the beauty of the outside.


This is the cute door... that has a door handle that really works

Those are real glass windows ladies....

The kitchen came with the place and my niece loved it so much that it had to stay.


Chalk Board Paint

Fake Cheap Flooring

Peel and Stick.... who knew it was this easy.

And when my Dad was at work I stole his power tools.... muahhaha

Curtain Rods up and yes I did chip some paint off the wall

Tomorrow...... the after!!!


Hi, I'm Ginny said...

I'm on the edge of my seat...I know you came up with something fantastic!

Dara said...

Amy, will you adopt me?