Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Only giving Reese what she deserves.

So remember this lovely post...
Well, Reese deserves a place of honor and my $5 desk that I spray painted wasn't cutting it...

So I went to IKEA and all my dreams came true... or at least my spare bedroom became one step closer to being done
(side note: i have lived here for a year and a half)
What I see wrong with this picture:
White walls, old pillows, lots of empty space, very white walls, I actually don't think those leopard pillows are mine.... oops.

So I took these...
And bought this..
And used this...
Yes, I have a pink cordless drill.
And ended up with this!
Oh wait let me take my Mrs. Clause costume out of the picture

That is better!
Bachelor update soon!


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