Thursday, January 7, 2010

After- Playhouse Part 2

Drum roll please....

Crates and stuff inside.... Dollar Tree.
Don't forget to look at the floors!!

Curtains and Paper supplied from Hobby Lobby.

AND YES IT WORKS! Thank you Target clearance aisle.

Dollar section at Target... and their favorite thing in the playhouse.

Chalkboard wall

I am still looking for a round rug, light for the ceiling, and a mailbox.


Up the stairs

Waiting till all cameras were ready...

Swords in hand and I think (and hoping) that they like it.

Oh and the first generation gals had to get in on the fun too!

May those who play here
always have
little bitty feet....

Look at those steps, those are hazardous for anyone with a shoe size over 3.



SuzSpeaks said...

SO, so cute!! Great job! I wanna play in there!

OK Chick said...

Can I come play?
PS- I really like the Hello Kitty water thing-very cool.

AK said...

They loved the Hello Kitty water thing.... They drank the whole thing of water in like 30 minutes.