Friday, January 29, 2010


As I awoke yesterday, I was super excited because it was going snow and because I was going to wear a bargain that I purchased. But you see I planned for the snow to come in late afternoon because is what ever weatherman said..... late afternoon. (Gary I actually never heard you say that, so we are not in a fight)

So I get up. We have been told to wear warm clothes to work..... I interpret that as, wear casual clothes with warm fashionable boots.
So I put on my skinny black jeans on, a cute screen printed black shirt, mustard yellow sweater, black winter boots, and this....
Purchased for $6, from American Eagle.

So i walk outside with my ski jacket in hand and see that my car has an inch of ice and it is raining.......
Do I change? Do I actually put on clothes that if I get stranded or have to walk will keep me warm and alive....
I thought about it but then I put on my jacket and made sure you could still see the sparkle from my necklace.


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