Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas in August anyone?

Let the jealousy start cause Christmas comes to good little girls twice..... well at least I celebrate it twice and it really has nothing to do with being good. More like obsessed with this commercialized holiday..... oh gosh I realized what a dork I am going to sound like but I am writing this blog anyway.

August and December.... my months of X-mas

Follow me for a minute....
There is this little thing called Earn Your Wings or EY-Dub, to many.

Its OC's welcome week for new students..... and I love it. Holy Hannah, do I love it. Its one of my favorite weeks of the year and thus I started comparing it to Christmas. Its the natural thing to do. I think the exact phrase I used was "This is like my Christmas" and from that point one, EYW was changed forever.
So now the Monday before it starts is "Christmas Eve" and then when we have our big kick off ceremony, I will yell something like, "Christmas is here"

The students now indulge me making huge Christmas signs.... and I love them for it!

And playing NSYNC Christmas all week long. There is nothing like jamming out to "Merry Christmas" in August

And with these lovely ladies, we even had Christmas night, filled with presents and treats.

So Christmas in August has a cowboy theme..... Stop judging..... Its my made up holiday.

The boys were so excited for E-Dub Christmas. They took this picture.... I AM judging each of you!

We even have candles and sing Christmas songs.... J slash K. We don't sing christmas songs.

#13 "White Christmas"- Bing Crosby
#14 "We wish you a Merry Christmas"- John Denver and Muppets
#15 "Merry Christmas with Love" Clay Aiken



Elizabeth Mullins said...

AMy, you are the funniest gal around...I think I need to make up my own Christmas so I can celebrate my birthday at another time of the year!!!

OCdeanwife said...

I just love your enthusiasm for EYW! And, you forgot to mention on your blog that TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday, girl!!