Thursday, December 3, 2009

Did you ever get a walkie talkie for Christmas?

The most important thing about this picture is not that LJP and I took a picture...

Which we rarely do...

No its this.....
A great and powerful black walkie talkie!

Seriously, everything is better when you are given power in the form of a walkie talkie.

You can say things like "over and out" "umm breaker breaker this is Amy" "Roger that" ohhhh and you have to say "niner".... you just have too!

I didn't have many jobs but one of my jobs was to make sure Santa got moved outside in time to light the campus. On the WT it sounded like "Santa is on the move, repeat Big Red is on the move"

And when I wasn't acting like I was 5 years old, I guess there was a huge OC event going on.

OC Lighting of the Commons 2009

Mama came up!

I just wanted to show the cute sign... I was covered in glitter but it was worth it.

My sweet sweet girls!

I think everyone should take pictures by big trees.... It makes you look skinny.

This is my brother. Have you met him yet?
This is him. Nathan Thomas. He is precious and puts up with me.

Oh and he is a very talented photographer. I swear I am not biased.
Its just true.

Favorite Christmas Song #3:
"Baby It's Cold Outside" by Dean Martin
It must be a drunk Dean Martin.... no one slurs it like him.

Over and out,