Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You know its cold when....

You drive past the outdoor skating rink and no one is skating....

When freshman drop $20 for starbucks

When boys try to prove they are men by wearing no gloves

When the girls wont go near the guys

And when someone's iphone reads 23 degrees

But the cold always gives reason to take really cute pictures

We totally matched.... and we totally did not plan it

This is Sweet Caroline.... She just so cute and little. She fits right in your arms.

Good luck freshmen with finals and hope you didn't get hypothermia.

Favorite Christmas Songs
#7 Breath of Heaven- Amy Grant
#8 Thistle Hair- Alabama- This is a shout out to Ben and Ryan.
#9 When my Heart Finds Christmas- Harry Connick Jr.- The 2nd of my top three crooners.



OK Chick said...

Could you please do a post on your ear warmer. It's very cute, and I want one-like right now. :)

Avery said...

where did you get that ear warmer thing?
the reason i hate going outside when its cold- bc my ears hurt. i need a cute one of those...they are impossible to find.

let me know

AK said...

It was from Target but my sister saw that on my blog and then went and made one..... I will post about it soon!