Sunday, December 13, 2009

Count Down til Christmas

My family has many traditions but this is one of my favorites!

Look past the hooks and the crocked hanging thing on the left

And the cute stockings that have yet to be bedazzled (even though the rhinestones have been bought)

Nope its that old looking thing in the middle..... with the chocolate on it... and with the hanging thing behind it, that I was too lazy to take down.

Growing up each Kelly kid had a count down to Christmas. My sisters had matching ones and Nathan had a big Santa.... but I had this one. I thought it was beautiful. My Mom did the cross stitching and I am sure I added that nice water stain on the right.

Now, I know you are thinking this is precious but let me tell some hard truths about the Christmas count down. I love chocolate and for a kid to have to stare at it all month long, was next to death. I also had sisters who would save theirs for days, so they could eat them all at once. Their kisses would just sit there waiting for someone to eat them.... and maybe one went missing but you can't blame me if you just leave them there tempting me. I also had a brother who hated chocolate..... I have no words for the kid who never ate his.

But all in all sweet mother...... I loved it and still do!

#10 "Snow, Snow, Snow"- White Christmas- KC and Tara, this one is for you
#11 "The Christmas Song" Michael Buble- 3rd favorite Crooner
#12"12 Days of Christmas"- Straight No Chaser


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