Monday, December 21, 2009

Like the Israelites left Egypt....

So did the people of Edmond, when the lights go out in retail stores.

So I am in Hobby Lobby for one last visit before I head home, to the land of no Hobby Lobby.... its so depressing.

And as I am picking out fabric for a gift, the lights go out...... All of them.

All customers get pushed to the front of the store, where we waited, all hoping the lights would come back on. I wanted to be like "Do you know who I am? I can still shop when its dark.... I know where everything is located. The manager and I are BFF's. I am not just any normal customer" But I didn't think it was the proper time to throw a fit.

So I talked to Mr. Newberry, the manager & my HLBFF (hobby lobby best friend forever), and he said the block is out, someone hit a transformer. I slapped him on the back, told him I was sorry, and that I would be back.

So I give in and go to TJ Maxx and Homeland. The ONLY other places I have left to go.

BLACK....... All of them.

And here is what I see. People Fleeing... it was hysterical how fast people were moving. It was like those end of the world movies, where you see highways backed up for miles. But this was scarier.... It was hard core Edmond shoppers.

This corner was beast.... but I made it out. I will just have to get my last few things later.... or maybe never.

#19 "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" Carrie Underwood
#20 "I heard the bells" Casting Crowns
#21 "Canon in D"



Hi, I'm Ginny said...

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Remember, Christmas is always yours...never let a boy take that way from you....I'm fighting the good fight! :)

Amanda said...

Wow..unreal! When was this? I am surprised I was not at one of those places, especially the same store you were at...since we tend to do that these days.

AK said...

Ginny, I will never let a boy take that from me. It is a sacred day.

Amanda, I should have called you to make sure you were ok.... or I should have just started yelling your name. :)

Michelle said...

Did you know Mr. Newberry is leaving Hobby Lobby? I got the inside scoop since we're pratically related and all, his daughter is marrying my cousin next summer. He's going to be the family minister at Yukon COC, I assume HL knows, since Erin told my mom on Sunday!