Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The day the bushes came down.

These are ugly. These block the view to my red door and future very cute porch. 
This was no job for just any man. There is my sweet Dad as he started to hack at these things.
 Just a little closer look
 My mom left the bushes to my dad and started on the back yard.
How cute does she look pruning that tree? 
 There is where the big dogs were called in.... Neil Arter. The bushes didn't know what happened! 
 Here is Paige. Who makes me feel really cool because she is in 8th grade and likes to hang out with me.
 This is the amazing Arter family who brought over an entire Rover full of neat gadgets that made sprucing up my yard super easy..... And has supplied me with endless ideas for my Dad for Fathers Day.
Gina we missed you in the picture but I knew my house was cool when you said
 "I love your house. I cannot wait to hang out here with you!" 
Look at us standing on red dirt where those bushes stood. I discovered my Dad is very good with an axe. Its always a good thing to know.
I just realized I don't have an after shot of the house. Oops! 
 But this is better than a picture of a bush-less house..... Here is Leyton who I get to meet tomorrow!