Sunday, May 1, 2011

The impact of the Royal Wedding.

1. It helped me rediscover my dislike of Barbara Walters. She says some of the most ridiculous things.... I finally couldn't handle Barabara talking about suicide repeated times during the wedding. I went to Katie on CBS, which wasn't much better considering what her hair looked like.
2. I set up straighter all day. Royals have the best posture
3. I stopped eating for 5 minutes to be as skinny as Kate.... Then I remembered I wont be in the tabloids any time soon, so I have time before I need to become the size of my thigh.
4. I am looking for reasons to wear a hat. A big hat.... with feathers.

Here is a picture of me in front of Westminster, well the side of Wesminster.
I know its amazing the resemblance between Kate and I.... It could of been me getting married there.... hahhahahhahahhahahahhahahah.



ann said...

Seriously, Kate's posture was incredible! I was wondering if there was some kind of pole in her dress keeping her so upright!

Tara Hicks said...

first...i love that pic of you. second, i too dislike Barbara with a passion...third, you will be here in less than a month. That to me is wayyyy more exciting than the royal wedding. :)

AK said...

Remember the Barbara voice I used to do.... Hahahha. Can't wait to see you! I want to start packing today!