Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Every Saturday morning my mother would make pancakes for the family. If we got up late, which we usually did, she would just leave the batter out, waiting for us. She knew there was something special about warm butter and sugary syrup.

I have taken my mother's lead, added a few chocolate chips, and found that her little recipe has been the foundation for some life long friendships.
Like with these ladies....
(Sorry your eyes look like satan and sorry that there is a handful of girls missing)

Over pancakes we have discussed/debated
peanut butter on pancakes,
mission trips,
summer plans,
growing up,
single ladies & cats,
and much more.
The topics are endless and laughter contagious. 

I have watched these girls grow as they drink orange juice and pour syrup on their chocolate chip pancakes,  around my cramped little kitchen island, listening to each others hilarious stories. The group has changed, some girls have moved back home, some have gotten married, and I am blessed to have some still here. I have one more year till this group graduates. I am already dreading it.

I raise my orange juice glass and give a toast to one more year of calorie intake while discussing all that is important in our little world.



Kitty said...

Aw how fun!! So jealous they all get to spend time with Amy :)

AK said...

Well when you come down next, let me know and I will make you some pancakes and you can tell me about law school. :)