Friday, May 13, 2011


Doesn't having a total of 5 nieces and nephews sound perfect?

Let me tell you a story....
Today around 8:45, I logged onto facebook...... Yes, it is one of the first things I do every morning. Its right up there with checking the stock markets...... Oh wait, I don't care about the stock markets. What I meant to say was, right up there with checking Etsy.
As I log on, the first status update I see is from my sister. Now I know that when I went to bed last night she was having contractions and that she wasn't far enough along to be committed....... I mean admitted. :) I also woke up to text that said they were moving her to a private room. I thought ok, some time today I will have my #5. So you can imagine how very very shocked I was when my sister's status read
"We added sweet Leyton Thomas to our family this morning" 
What???? And yes, I did find out through facebook that my nephew had been born. I was the 14th person to comment and I was about 4 hours past his delivery time.

Now this is 100% nobody's fault! My sister did text but for some reason it didn't go through. My mom and other sister thought I knew, so they didn't call. Now was I upset.... Yes! Did I think they purposefully left me out...... for a few seconds, till I realized they would never do that.
Then I started feeling guilty for being mad, for not knowing my nephew existed for 4 hours, and for my sister thinking I didn't care about her having a baby (which you know she thought because I didn't text her back).

But all was forgotten when I saw this...
When I saw this, I just felt blessed.

Leyton Thomas, I may not have known about you for your first 4 hours in this world but I promise, you will be on my heart for as long as the good Lord gives me life.

Aunt Mimi

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Tara Hicks said...

Makes this very blessed mama tear up...thank you for loving my babies.