Saturday, October 31, 2009

The day I cried in Walmart

Today, October 30, 2009, is a day I swear I will never forget. Get ready to gasp, cry, laugh.... and then laugh some more.

At 11:30 I arrive at Studio... oh gee, forgot the full name, to get a dye job. The roots needed it!
I tell my sweet cousin, Katie, that I would like it a little darker but the length is great.

Ok don't stop reading....ITS ABOUT TO GET INTERESTING

So after I had been colored and rinsed, Katie needed to help another client. A sweet older lady who was absolutely precious. Having been raised by a hair dresser there should be no problem when my cousin said "Amy, comb out your hair and start drying it" since I had a beauty shop in my house! So I reach for a comb and notice that it is a double sided comb. No big deal. seen those before. I fix my part with my hands. Take the comb to brush down my part and hear the oddest sound... The following took place.

Me: "What kind of comb is this"
Cousin Re: "Katie, Katie..."
Cousin Katie: "What happened"
Me: Realized that I didn't have a comb, I had a RAZOR. Got sick at my stomach. Lean over and see my hair falling out.

Cousin Re: "Oh Amy, I don't know whether to cry or laugh"
Me: Laughing..... and telling myself that it is going to be ok.... it is going to be ok.... Oh crap I don't have hair.
Cousin Katie: Trying to help her client and probably wondering how much I had to drink to confuse a razor for a comb
Me: "Its going to be ok, I can just part it here and then cover it"
All hair stylists come over and look at my debauched hair.
Me: You have to laugh.... you have to laugh.... for the love, please don't cry.
Cousin Re: "The color looks great" How sweet is she... and the color did look great.

This is a quick modified version, the moment felt like forever. Well it reminds me of that scene from Little Women where Jo cuts her hair and Amy says "Oh Jo, your one beauty". The moment kind of felt like that, except that I had no redeeming pleasure of giving my hair to buy a train ticket for my mother to go see my dying father.

Bless my every loving heart...

Picture #2
I look like should a member of the band, Indigo Girls.

So I now have the awesome comb over... But the color is awesome.

Don't make fun because friends, I will be wearing it like this for a good 9 months.
So when you see me with the same hairstyle.....
and the same bobby-pins....
and the same comb over part.... Please don't judge me.
The best part is that I cut my hair where I have a cow lick. So when it grows out, it is going to be sticking straight up.

So I really didn't get upset because I couldn't.... Tears were not going to bring back my bangs or my dignity. That was until I was in walmart and I was walking down the candy aisle and saw the prettiest hair that had a natural, non-combover part and the tears slide down my face. Just a few and then I remembered that Forever 21 sells the cutest bobby-pins. :)


Disclaimer: My cousin is an amazingly talented stylist and is in no way responsible for my prison hair do.


Tara Hicks said...

handled with style and grace...and of course humor. well done! after you told me, i totally thought about the scene in Little Women as well but thought it a bit inappropriate because it you have so many beauties...but it did feel a bit like that.

Aubrie said...

Oh. my. word. Amy, you handled that better than I would have. I had my had over my mouth the whole time reading (with the tiniest bit of laughter thrown in). AND F21 DOES have the cutest bobby pins. You rock em, girl!

Lesley said...

i'm still speechless. amy, i love you!

Emily said...

I, literally, just screamed out loud.

But, Ames (that's my new name for you), you are so adorable that you could probably rock the no hair look.

And I think the comb over style looks presh on you.

mydogumentary said...

Haha! That's funny! Laughing with you not at you! I think we've all had hair disasters that resulted in having to wear your hair a certain way for months to wait for the grow out! I actually attempted to CUT my own hair in high school and had to wear it in a ponytail for months!

Crislyn said...
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Crislyn said...

Oh no!! If it makes you feel any better, one time in high school my curling iron (yes, back in the day of curling irons) malfunctioned and literally FRIED the hair at the top of my forehead right next to my face. Not only did it smell HORRIBLE, but I definitely had a little burnt crispy mini-mohawk for several weeks. Add that to scraggly teeth braces, my awkward wardrobe, and my inability to properly apply makeup and you get the (not so pretty) picture. You still look beautiful though! Can't wait to see the combover tonight...:)

Mandy said...

Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! I'm just surprised that it's never happened to me! You'd look beautiful bald though, so no worries!

My Baby Boutique said...

I laughed until I sorry about your hair, but even with a combover, you are ADORABLE!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Amy! I heard about your "do!" You poor thing. You truly have the best attitude ever! I will pray your hair grows super duper fast!

Hi, I'm Ginny said...

Simply amazing. That is all I can say. If it makes you feel better I didn't notice it at all on Sunday! Of course I hadn't seen you in months so that may have been part of it. :)

Kelsey Dawn said...

I admire you for being calm and (trying) to laugh it off.. pretty sure I wouldve thrown myself on the ground and stayed there to cry all night.

(And if it makes you feel better, I've never heard this story so I never noticed anything! Good job hiding it :)