Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dedication Day #2

Day 2 Dedication: These two ladies...

Because when we decided to start a fake club in college.... they were there!

And because if I say, "Remember when Nsync preformed at the 2000 VMA's?" They not only know exactly what I am talking about... they can do the moves... with me :)

They cried on my bed in college while watching Pearl Harbor. Oh wait not cried, sobbed.... uncontrollably. And then printed the script and dreamed of making the remake.

Oh the secrets I could tell.... but I wont!



mydogumentary said...

Oh amy thank you for the dedication! : ) And thank you for choosing a somewhat decent picture of just wish you had a soft heart like Ginny and I when it comes to GREAT movies like Pearl Harbor! :)

AK said...

Oh I have a soft heart.... just not a deep hearted love that you all had for it. It was kind of crazy how much you loved it.... hahahha

Hi, I'm Ginny said...

I just saw this!! WOW! A dedication day all for us? And you gave one to Miss Witherspoon also? I feel like I am in a grouping with royalty! Oh how I miss you.