Monday, October 26, 2009

My Bargains...

Believe it or not.... I do not love shopping. (Did you laugh at that statement?) Ok for the love, I am serious. I do not love shopping. I am not one of those girls who goes to the mall just to go.... never would I do that.... that is not relaxing.... and its a little too 90210 or Gossip Girl. No, no I am not that girl.
Now having said that, I do love looking for the perfect outfit or certain items to complete an outfit. I must be going for something or I am not going. If there is a challenge, a quest to find the perfect thing, then the fun for me has begun. That is what I love! And most importantly it has to be a bargain..... oh yes, it must be a bargain.
So I bring to you my bargains from the past week.... I have a lot because I was trying to find an outfit for a wedding & my G-ma's party and stumbled into all wonderful things.

Purple flower clip from Forever 21.


Super cute purse from Target.

Sale: $7.49
not sure if I am keeping it though....

Purple vases from Hobby Lobby.

Originally: $30 each
Sale: $3.49 each
These may be super ugly to you..... but wait till you see what I did with them!!!

Here is the big BARGAIN
These cute shoes from Dillards.

of course there are heels in my bargains....

stop judging me...
you know they are cute....
and do you know how hard it is to take pictures of shoes on your feet

Antonio Melani Shoes
Originally $85.00
Sale $10.00

The thrill of a good find fills me with warmth from head to toe.



bailey said...

oh I love a good bargain, and I love those Antonio Melani shoes!

Aubrie said...

LOVE the clip and the shoes! That is an amazing deal, too!