Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bargain of the Week

I just got one great find for you and truth be told I bought it two weeks ago. But get over it, cause i make the rules on my "Bargain of the Week" post.

I have a problem with looking at things and seeing potential. This is bad because it means I have a list of on going projects. Some that never ever ever get finished or that the potential that I dreamed was there just really wasn't... and either way I have wasted money. But ever so often the potential I see crammed on the 90% off aisle turns out to be decent.

This is one of the those cases.

This red wool winter jacket (that weighs about as much as a small child) was purchased at the OCWA garage sale for $8. I have a weakness for anything red!
When I tried it on, my brain started working, and the visions of a jcrew winter catalogue came to mind.

The project began...

1. Cut about 4 inches off that grandma length coat.
2. Pose for picture.

3. Take a deep breath and cut on the dotted line.

4. Sew up hem and notice that my nails match my jacket.

5. Spend an hour at Hancocks picking out buttons. Have the Hancocks' lady tell me I chose the wrong buttons. Go to best friend LJP's house to make her tell me which buttons to use and to bash the woman at Hancocks.
6. Toilet paper Hancocks lady's house.

7. Decide on black and diamonds.
8. Sew on buttons like so....

And like so.

9. Adore new red jacket.

10. Remember to steam the hem and to thank LJP for choosing the right buttons!



KuhNikki said...

Okay, I never comment on blogs. I read them, laugh, cry, roll my eyes--whichever fits the context--and move on.

But I have to say--I've officially been impressed to the point of leaving you a comment to tell you about it.

Nicely done. ; )

katyjo30 said...

I wish I shared your obsession with shoes. I can't buy cute shoes because they hurt my feet. Probably because I am putting the tall building that is my body on top of them.

Dara said...

Amy Kelly I didn't know you had a blog. I'm so behind!!

Summer said...

That is genius. When I saw that first pic (before I realized there was an "after" I was all, "that is NOT cute, Amy. Have you lost your mind." Then I was humbled.

Lesley said...

seriously Amy? that is so so so cute! you. are. amazing.

Morgandi said...

You have a blog! How did I not know this? This makes me very, very happy. You are so talented. The coat looks amazing!

jordan.anderson said...


you should definitely have Amy Kelly Designs open up RIGHT NOW! :)

Hi, I'm Ginny said...

Love it. Can you make me one. Thanks!

bailey said...

I'm so glad I have talented are amazing! can't wait to see this coat in action