Monday, November 30, 2009

My jewelry doesn't like me.

And its totally a legit feeling. I mean I am not nice to my jewelry.

I take off earrings anywhere and shove them in my purse, pockets, desk.... The worst is when I will take them off in the middle of the night, in my sleep, and have no idea where I have put them.

I have necklaces lost in my car because they bug me when I drive.

Rings that I take off to do crafts and find in my sewing drawers months later.

This is why I don't buy nice things.

But I decided that maybe if I had a cute place to put my jewelry then maybe our relationship would be different.... you know the kind the people have in the movies.

I just want to freak'n have Audrey Hepburn's relationship with Tiffany's.

So off to Hobby Lobby.

Behold. A craft project.

I got this plastic stuff that I am pretty sure only me and 70 years olds buy.
And for 49 cents, I got two.

I bought two of these picture frames and they were half off....
***Never ever buy picture frames for full price at Hobby Lobby***

I cut the plastic stuff to the size of the frame.

Cut those backs off the frame...
but keep them because you might want to use them down the road

Use the gun.

And TADA!!!!

Then I cut little ones to hang off the frame for earrings with backs

Let the healthy, respectful relationship begin.

Holy Hannah, I have already lost a pearl earring.

I really think this one might last.... wink.

Amy K.


Tara Hicks said...

oh so clever Amy!! such a wonderful idea!

OK Chick said...

I have this too! It's so handy to have for earrings.

MaKenna said...

this is presh.

Maria said...

Love it! I searched high and low for an earring holder last year... I found one and rarely even use it. Oops.

katyjo30 said...

I made one of these at church camp! It's really fun to get a plain wooden frame, sand it, then mod podge cuts paper over the frame. We used a wire screen and staple gunned it to the back! another alternative is to get those twist in hooks and twist a couple into the lower half of the frame to hang necklaces on!