Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Commercials

Do they warm your heart like they do mine?

Oh man, I just want to put on cute matching PJ's (I am picturing polka dots in red and green), drink some egg nog, and be 5 years old again! Heavens, 5 was a great year.

So my Mom called me yesterday.... Wait, I have to explain. My Mom is not the mom who calls her children constantly. She showers us with love from head to toe..... but she is a busy woman (where do you think I learned it from?) and she has four kids. She can't call us all the time and anyway we probably call her too much to give her a chance to call us first. I actually understand where she is coming from on the phone thing. I have some issue myself.... just ask my friends who can never get ahold of me. I just say this to explain that when my Mom calls, you answer....

So my Mom called me yesterday and she started with "Ok so I just had to tell you..."
I knew this was going to be good..... like she found a great deal or she had a craft idea.... Things I totally get.
Then she said "I just watched my first Christmas commercial that made me cry"
And this is why I am her daughter because through out the holiday season I will shed countless tears watching things like a mother brewing Folders coffee and by the time she starts drinking her cup of coffee, her long lost son will have come home and I am a wreck. (My sisters are laughing cause they understand, and my brother is laughing cause he witnesses the hysteria)

The last thing I will say on the subject is HALLMARK..... oh they make the best commercials.
Here is the one that I have watched a thousand times and it never fails to make me cry. If you love your dad.... grab the tissues.



Tara Hicks said...

I know which one it is and I can't watch it right now...just thinking about it makes me want to cry. And with enthusiasm and excitement that can only be understood by the Kellys...we say "Welcome Christmas"

OCdeanwife said...

The Folgers commercial makes me cry just thinking about it and is probably one of my favorites of all time -- That and the Clydesdale horses playing football in the Rocky Mountains -- Oh, wait, that's the Super Bowl favorite! My bad!

OCdeanwife said...

And poor Nathan!!

OK Chick said...

OH MY GOSH! I saw the new holiday Folgers commercial yesterday and I almost cried. It's a good one. When the sister puts the bow on her brother...the tears almost came out.

katyjo30 said...

Will you wrap my presents? Thanks.

Hi, I'm Ginny said...

I LOVE the Folgers commercials. As an ad girl, I fully appreciate your love for Christmas adverting. Just know that it is people like me that put the commercials in your favorite programs to make you cry...we do it on purpose...we know where you are...

raemama said...

oh my gosh! you can't do that to me!
i'm already in an emotional state planning for my wedding.... seeing this chokes me up and i didn't think it would!