Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ladies of OC....

We are upon what we call "Date Week" here at Oklahoma Christian. Alumni will know it is WPA (women pay all) week. Instead of this week being a complete sadie hawkins week, Student Government has made it just a week encouraging dating.

Well this lucky lady, even though I am 27 and out of school for 5 years and I am 27, got asked to attended a movie for "Group dating night".

The guy who asked was a super sweet sophomore, who did a chapel announcement about dating which is now one of my favorite chapels to date.

I feel that because he was so kind to ask me, that I can only repay him by spreading the word on this hidden OC treasure.

So ladies of OC here is the reasons why Shawn is a great date.

1. Waited outside of his friends house for me to arrive. That screams gentleman.
2. Waited to eat ice cream until I got there. This defines gentleman.
3. Provided a nice, safe environment, with good clean fun. Your parents will appreciate this.
4. Took me to a devotional to end the night. God likes this.
5. Let me take all these pictures of him!! hahahha

Shawn and I after a crazy game of nerts.

The classic hold the camera out picture.

We may have been on a row with some very enthusiastic singers.

Overall, great night.

Ladies I think I have just scratched the surface on this one..... The rest is in your hands.



ann said...

Oh Amy. Yours is my new favorite blog. :)

OK Chick said...

Seriously, good stuff on here. No more WPA! Dang that's not fair, I want a refund for all the money I wasted on WPA. I don't think I ever got a second date out of WPA. Umm can you hook me up with some of the college guys?
~Lindsy Graham

Hi, I'm Ginny said...

I think the only person I ever took out for WPA week was Angela...and in a totally platonic way! Oh and probably my husband...but I think our relationship has been in a constant state of WPA. :) Not for long though, not for long.