Friday, November 27, 2009

A fairy tale... only no prince, just a lamp.

So I am walking through Hobby Lobby.... I really should get commission for every time I mention that blessed store. This was a day when I had a list and in my mind I had already mapped out my where I needed to go and the order of the different areas.

1. Stockings (cause they were 50% off)
2. Rhinestones (cause a super cute 4th grader needed them for her even cuter christmas program)
3. Ribbon (don't remember why but I needed it)
4. Check out the 80% off isle (because why would you go to Hobby Lobby and not check it out)

I grab the houndstooth stockings and take a short cut through lamps to get to jewelry.
And there on the lamp aisle I stop dead in my tracks.
It seriously made me take a sharp inhale. You would have thought I had seen the Pope right here in Hobby Lobby.
But no holy man here, just a beautiful lamp.
It was black and white and the base was was porcelain. So I look at the price tag which also made me gasp, $90. I take one last look and then off I go. Grab my last two remaining things and then haul off to my three feet of bargain paradise.

And there waiting for me like it knew it would fit perfectly in my living room was the lamp.

I thought it was a mistake...... but no there it was, dressed in a beautiful yellow price tag.
And the price tag read....

My heart was beating.

Now you are thinking what was wrong with it.... Well friends, it was nothing my little gun (glue gun) couldn't handle.
Ok so I haven't fixed it.... yet.

So I took this lamp home....

Where it lived.....
Happily Ever After!

(Anyone want to let me know why everything is underlined)



katyjo30 said...

Amy we have that lamp!!! We bought it there last summer for "my" room in Kendra's house! sooo cute. the room is a Paris theme.

Lesley said...

i seriously just spent 80 bucks on a lamp there. dont worry, i am taking my recipt for a price adjust. Why dont you let me know when they go half off? Thanks Mrs.Hobby Lobby!